Bobby Dale Earnhardt wants to earn success.


There is a reputation that precedes the name Earnhardt in the world of NASCAR. The reputation is one of grit, determination, and afierce desire to finish first. Fortunately for NASCAR fans,the Earnhardt name will continue to be a fixtureon the racetrack for many years to come through thenew Earnhardt blood pursuing a racing career.


Bobby Dale Earnhardt, the 1st grandson of Dale Earnhardt, Sr.
and son of Kerry Earnhardt, is out to prove that he too deserves a chance to lineup on race day, side-by-side with todays best drivers. He is starting his racing career the same as his grandfather
,Dale Earnhardt Sr.

Bobby Dale intends to earn his way onto the starting field of the biggest stages inmotorsports with determination and hard work. Bobby Dale wants to build his racingcareer on the merit of his talent and not because of the name on his driver’s license


By working hard, I WIll appreciate my successes much more in the long run, he said.

Today, the Earnhardt name lives on in NASCAR through Dale Earnhardt, Jr., but Bobby DaleEarnhardt is next in line to continue the family tradition.


2012 was a great year where he gained driving experience, earn respect, and create the opportunity to drive NASCAR. His grassroots effort is something inwhich he has pride. “Im working to raise the money on my own and start in the development series like everyone else, Im no different than anyone else.”


Bobby Dale Earnhardt pursued ARCA TRUCK racing because he believes the short track high action will sharpen his driving skills for his ascent to the big stage.


The 2013 ARCA Truck Series season caught the attention of many fans as he captured The Rookie of the Year title, placed 6th in overall points and recieved The Most Popular Driver Award and he intends to add his own chapter to the Earnhardt legacy one race at a time until he earns a hefty branch on the Earnhardt family tree.